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Lindsey Stapleton About/CV

Lindsey Stapleton is an artist and curator living in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the creative director and co-founder of The Rib, an online platform that supports small arts communities in the United states, and co-ran GRIN, a contemporary gallery that was open in Providence, Rhode Island from 2013-2018.



2009            Massachusetts College of Art and Design
                     BFA in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Painting
                     Graduation with Distinction

professional experience

2017 - on         Creative Director, The Rib
2013- 2018     Director at GRIN, 60 Valley Street #3 Providence, RI
2010-2011      Art Consultant at ArtSlant

curatorial experience

2015           WOANDER, Shamus Clisset, Raina Belleau, Maria Molteni, Andrea Wold, GRIN
                    Annulus, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, featuring Jodie Goodnough, Leah Piepgras and Steven Pestana, New York City, 2015
                    TEEM, a 35 artist installation and flat file exhibition, 2015
2014          Making/Unmaking, by Charlie Smith, 2014
                     tttrip, featuring Claudia O’Steen, Garret Gould and Sophia Sobers, 2014
                     Atomic Honeymoon, featuring CatBathAfterMath, Keegan Grandboisk, Barbara Gooding and Islands, 2014
2013            Follow in Turn, by the Might & Main Collective, 2013
                     BEAST, featuring Leah Piepgras, Matthew Hickey, Andrew Collins, Jenni Sussman and Lauren Hayes

honors and awards

2009            George Nick Award
2008            Massachusetts College of Art Honorary Book Award
2006            McLyman-Miller Achievement Award
2005            MFA Book Award